Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Million Things Happening at the Same Time

So, it's been a while since I published a post here. Kinda like when you open a box up in the attic, you brush off the dust on top of the book and put it on a table and start writing on the half-eaten paper (Damn silverfish!).

Now that I have Rambling Rizal on my podcast, I have nothing mind-blowing to share here, but I just wanna vent out that I am having a mild freak-out for almost 2 days.

As you all know, I'll be bringing Rambling Monkeys to YouTube (Worry not, I'll still be publishing in Soundcloud, so people can listen in iTunes and Stitcher). That's one thing I have to establish. Now, I have ideas to kickstart other new shows under Rambling Monkeys Channel, aside from the main channel in interviewing interesting people with interesting lives. There are 3 new shows, as follows:

1) Royal Rambles

I just started this show, it's all about Wrestling. I got 3 people to host this show: Belvin, Arvind and Suresh. They'll invite a guest once in a while and discuss on everything that has to do with wrestling. It's a bi-monthly show (that means twice a month) so it won't take up much of my time. This one will have a specific schedule so I gotta be free during that time. I won't be in it, but I'll be the uhhh... producer? Also, the sound guy, controlling the volume and stuff. Wait, I do that when I'm hosting too, so it's normal. Yeah, check it out yo! The first episode is out!

2) Ready, Set, Ramble!

Alright, you know that I've reviewed movies with Megat Danial and Balya Ariff, so NOW I want to separate this from the main show and make it a new show. So Ready, Set, Ramble! is pretty much the same, just that it has its own show. There will be more people involved, not only Megat Danial & Balya Ariff. I might invite others, who are film buffs to review new movies. I will be involved in the reviews, BUT if I haven't watched the movie, I might just be the guy behind the scenes and let the guests talk. However, I will do my best to watch all the movies and record the review with them. This won't have a fixed schedule, just when a movie comes out and we wanna review it, then we'll record an episode.

3) Rambling Gamers

Yes, this is also in the podcast, given its own show and we'll review games! Yeay! Okay, it's the same as the Movie Show, except this will be about video games. This also won't have any fixed schedules, we'll pick a game that we all play and then review it. So, it's seasonal. This one I'll be in the show for every game review.

4) The Zamzul Rizal Show (TZRS, for short)

Okay, that's just a fancy name for vlogging. Yes, I will shamelessly vlog about stuff in my life. This won't be a daily vlog or weekly vlog. This will be "I'll vlog whenever I feel like vlogging, okay?" type of vlogging. I will try to make my life as interesting and eventful as possible so people will watch it. I might start this next month. Eheheheh... All I need is to buy a video editing software and I'm good. Oh and Rambling Rizal will be transferred here!

For those who asked what is the brand of the camera I bought, it's a CANON EOS M3. The reason I bought that camera is because it has an external mic input. I bought a RODE VIDEOMICRO. We all know the built in mic in those type of cameras are awful. Gotta fork out a bit for good sound quality.

Okay, it's not LITERALLY million things happening at the same time, but I'm leading these shows and hopefully make something out of it. Also, as much as I would like to add more... These shows are more than enough for me. I don't want to break down by adding more problems. You have to remember, setting up the equipment, the actual recording and then post recording (editing). Yeah, that's a lot to just upload ONE episode.

Before I end this post, I'm actually working on a short story (or film?) and my friends Yen and Aan are helping me especially the script. I laid out the story line and now it needs dialogues. After that, find talents and then shooting! This might take a long time but hey, it's my first time and it's my story. I really want this to happen.

There's another project I'm working on (Damn Rizal, that's a lot of stuff you're involved in!) but I can't say much. It's in the early stages and I don't want to spoil it.

There, that's all. I wanna end this post by telling you peeps who are reading this: If it's possible, just do it. So peace, yo! See you in 2020 where I mysteriously publish another post, hopefully about married life and problems of being famous. Ahahah!

Nah, I'll try to publish stuff here regularly. Hopefully. Can't promise that. Yeah, goodbye.

-Raziel Rizalinium-

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